I blog regularly at a variety of venues online, hoping to convey sociological research to a wider and non-academic audience.  Please email me at Below is a list of blogs on which my public work is archived and can be accessed, in addition to links to a selection of popular press essays and interviews.

Academic Blogging:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.43.51 PMInequality by (Interior) Design
This blog is a public record of much of my online work.  With a collection of more than 100 posts, Inequality by (Interior) Design has been linked to in news stories, taught in courses, and is followed by professional and amateur sociologists among others.  Follow posts here or on facebook.

feministFeminist Reflections
I collaborated with a group of feminist sociologists to start a new blog at The Society Pages as well.  Feminist Reflections is a space where feminist sociologists can reflect on all manner, from the personal, to the pedagogical, to the published, to the political.  Follow posts on twitter and facebook.

Essays and Op-Eds:

Interviews and Media References: