Selected Publications


Pascoe, C.J. and Tristan Bridges. 2015. Exploring Masculinities: Identity, Inequality, Continuity, and Change. Cambridge: Oxford University Press. (co-edited and written equally).

Articles and Chapters

Kristen Barber and Tristan Bridges. 2017. “Marketing Manhood in a ‘Post-Feminist’ Age.” Contexts 16(2): 38-43.

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Tristan Bridges and C.J. Pascoe. 2014. “Hybrid Masculinities: New Directions in the Sociology of Men and Masculinities.” Sociology Compass 8/3: 246-258.

*Reprinted in Gender Through the Prism of Difference (2015, 5th edition), edited by Maxine Baca Zinn, Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, Michael A. Messner, and Amy M. Denissen. New York: Oxford University Press.

Tristan Bridges. 2013. “Issues of Intimacy, Masculinity, and Ethnography.” Pp. 53-63 in Men, Masculinities, and Methodologies, edited by B. Pini and B. Pease. Palgrave Macmillan.

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Tristan Bridges. 2010. “Men Just Weren’t Made to Do This: Performances of Drag at ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ Marches.” Gender & Society 24(1): 5-30. (lead article)

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*Reprinted in Men’s Lives (2012, 9th edition), edited by Michael Kimmel and Michael Messner. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
*Reprinted in Gendered Lives Sexual Beings: A Feminist Anthology (2017), edited by Joya Misra, Mahala Dyer Stewart, and Marni Alyson Brown. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

 Work Forthcoming and Current Projects

Tristan Bridges and James W. Messerschmidt. forthcoming. “Joan Acker and the Shift from Patriarchy to Gender.” Gender, Work & Organization.

Tristan Bridges and C.J. Pascoe. forthcoming 2017. “On the Elasticity of Gender Hegemony: Why Hybrid Masculinities Fail to Undermine Gender and Sexual Inequality.” In Gender Reckonings: New Social Theory and Research, edited by James Messerschmidt, Patricia Yancey Martin, Michael Messner, and Raewyn Connell. New York: NYU Press.

Michael Kimmel, Amy Aronson, and Tristan Bridges. Sociology NOW (third edition). New York: Pearson. Under contract and in production.

Tristan Bridges. Othering Other Men: Hybrid Masculinity and Transformations in Gender and Inequality among Men. Prospectus in progress.

Tristan Bridges. “Masculinity as Stigma?: On Men’s Construction of Men as Collectively Disadvantaged.” In progress.

Tristan Bridges. “Embodying Feminist Masculine Identities: Sexual Illegibility as Gender Currency.” In Progress.

Tristan Bridges, C.J. Pascoe, and Sarah Diefendorf. The Hybrid Masculinities Reader. Prospectus in progress.

James W. Messerschmidt and Tristan Bridges. “Hidden from History: On the Change from Patriarchy to Gender in Feminist Theory.”